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Q. Rosa gets a telephone call from a university doing research on a P&G project in which she’s involved. She guesses that they must know about her project because of what she posted on a social networking Internet site. She wants to help the students and is proud of her work. Should she provide information about her project?

A. No, Rosa cannot share research data with anyone outside of P&G. Rosa should not have posted Company-related work on a social networking site, either. Competitive agents regularly search the Internet for this type of data and persuade unsuspecting employees into sharing additional information that can be used to piece together a total picture of confidential projects, processes, plans, etc. Rosa must immediately report the information breach to Legal or Information Security or send an email to

Q. Marcus works in Research & Development at P&G. His team has collected a large amount of consumer Personal Data as part of a consumer satisfaction survey. Lucia, who works in Marketing, contacts him to request that he send her the files containing this Personal Data so that she can develop targeted marketing emails. Should Marcus give Lucia the information?

A. No. Although Lucia has what may seem like a legitimate business reason for obtaining this Personal Data, the individuals who participated in the customer satisfaction survey haven’t agreed to P&G using their Personal Data to send them marketing emails. Under P&G’s Consumer Privacy Policy and many applicable laws, marketing emails may only be sent to consumers who have opted-in to receive them. Therefore, Marcus shouldn’t provide this information to her.

Q. Kyon recently conducted a consumer home-use panel. During the panel, she observed a potential safety concern with a product that’s about to hit the market.Only one person out of hundreds had any troubles with the product, so she doesn’t think it’s very important to report. Is this a correct assumption?

A. No, not at all. Any product safety or quality issues must be reported and resolved, no matter how small the matter may seem. Kyon should email to raise any safety concerns that she knows about or consult with Global Product Stewardship (GPS), Quality Assurance (QA) or Legal immediately.


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