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Personal Data (formerly referred to in the WBCM as “PII”) includes, in many existing and evolving laws,

  • any information that identifies an individual – such as name, physical address, email address, employee ID, government ID

  • any combination of information that might identify an individual

  • any information that can be reasonably linked to, associated with or related to an individual – such as cookie ids, web browsing history, biometric information and geo-location data.

The definition of Personal Data is evolving around the world, so if you have a question about whether data being handled by P&G and/or an external party with whom we do business falls within the Personal Data definition, please consult Legal.

There are varying legal requirements governing the use of Personal Data across the countries in which P&G operates.

  • We must comply with all applicable laws governing Personal Data.

  • Equally, external parties with whom we do business who handle Personal Data for us must follow P&G’s privacy policies, security standards and external party risk management processes.

If you are involved in the collection, storage, transfer or use of Personal Data, you must learn the legal and policy requirements that apply to your activities.

  • If you believe that Personal Data of any employee, consumer, shareholder, or other P&G stakeholder has been disclosed or used inappropriately, you must contact Legal or immediately contact Information Security.

  • Failure to do so could subject P&G to fines and / or regulatory action.

We must comply with all applicable laws governing Personal Data for consumers and fellow P&Gers.

Personally Identifiable Information

We properly manage and use Personal Data that our fellow P&Gers, as well as prospective and former employees, entrust to us.

  • You must not collect, access, use, retain or disclose Personal Data of our employees, except pursuant to relevant and appropriate business purposes.

  • You must not share this information with anyone, either inside or outside P&G, who does not have a legitimate business need to know.

  • In addition, you must take steps to properly secure such data at all times from unauthorized access.

  • You also must inform employees about the Personal Data that is being collected about them and how it will be used.

P&G is committed to maintaining consumer trust by protecting the privacy and security of consumer Personal Data.

  1. Laws governing the collection and use of consumer Personal Data vary by geography.

  1. These laws may apply to particular data types, kinds of consumers, types of data processing, or communication channels.

  1. If you work with consumer Personal Data, you must ensure you adhere to all applicable laws and P&G’s Global Consumer Privacy Policy.