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Proper Use of
P&G Assets

You must safeguard P&G’s proprietary information and data, as well as the technologies (such as computer systems and applications) this information is stored on, from damage, alteration, theft, fraud and unauthorized access. To achieve this goal, you must follow the specific security measures and internal controls in place for the systems to which you have access. Only use P&G approved communication technologies. Follow Company guidance concerning limited use of messaging apps. The field of artificial intelligence (“AI”) continues to advance, bringing new technologies and new regulations. As with any business tool, AI has the potential to simplify work—or to create risk if misused. Make sure you understand the conditions for proper use of AI by referring to the latest guidance found at

  • You must not use P&G technologies or systems (including computers, phones and other electronic devices that have access to the Internet) to download or send inappropriate, discriminatory, sexually explicit or offensive statements or materials.

  • In addition, you must not use these technologies or systems to access illegal material, send unauthorized business or charitable solicitations or conduct non-P&G-related commercial business.

P&G continues to expect any personal use of Company equipment and communications to be occasional, incidental and limited, and in line with local agreements, if any.

  • P&G strongly encourages that whenever possible you use personal devices, rather than Company devices, for personal matters.

  • This will help protect P&G’s data, and your own, and will also help ensure that the bandwidth that carries traffic between P&G and the internet is fully available for business use.

You must safeguard P&G’s proprietary information and data, as well as the technologies this information is stored on.

Safeguarding P&G proprietsy information

P&G recognizes that the Internet provides unique opportunities to listen, learn and engage with stakeholders using a wide variety of social media tools, including:

  • blogs
  • micro blogs
  • social networking sites
  • wikis
  • photo / video sharing sites
  • chat rooms
  • ratings and reviews sites

Because there are many laws around the world that regulate what P&G can and cannot say about itself and our products, P&G has established rules for us to follow when using social media as part of our daily work and in our personal use.

  • You must take great care not to disclose confidential P&G information over social media – including photographs.

  • You should also remember to disclose your affiliation with P&G whenever you provide opinions or reviews of P&G or competing products and / or services (e.g., by disclosing “#PGEmployee” within your social media postings).

  • You should remember that electronic messages (such as emails and text messages) are permanent, transferable records of your communications and can affect the reputation of P&G.

If you believe that P&G technologies and/or electronic communications are being used inappropriately, notify your immediate manager, HR Manager, Legal or contact

You must take great care not to disclose confidential P&G information over social media.

Precautions on social media

P&G trusts us to respect and care for its physical property, to the best of our ability, at all times.

Physical property includes:

P&G Funds (Including Credit Cards)



Communication Systems

Physical Assets of P&G
  • We should work together to prevent theft, destruction or misappropriation of all P&G physical assets.

  • You must never use P&G property for your own personal gain or for the benefit of another person, except to the extent that it is approved in writing by local P&G policy.

  • You must never use Company credit cards for personal purchases unless incidental to a business trip. Personal expenses charged to Company credit cards as part of a business trip must be reimbursed promptly.

  • You must follow P&G’s approved disposal / donation procedures for disposal of outdated P&G equipment or other assets.