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Protecting the Environment
and Safety of P&G Products

P&G’s goal is to meet or exceed all applicable environmental laws, regulations and permit conditions, and to use environmentally sound practices to ensure protection of the environment.

Environmental regulations may include rules governing the use, control, transportation, storage and disposal of regulated materials that may reach the environment as a part of wastewater, air emissions, solid waste, hazardous waste or uncontained spills.

  • You must understand and comply with health, safety and environmental regulations in your daily activities.

  • If your job involves contact with any regulated materials or requires that you make decisions about how any materials are used, stored, transported or disposed of, you must understand how they should be legally, responsibly, and safely handled.

  • Contact the Health, Safety and Environment experts in your organization for further information.

Protecting the Environment

Protecting the Environment

Product quality and safety are of the utmost importance to P&G. Our customers choose P&G because we provide products of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers. We must do our part to ensure that:

Our products and packages are safe for consumers and the environment when used as intended

Safe for Consumption
P&g products meets all legislative requirements

You must be aware of and follow the P&G policies and procedures designed to protect the quality and safety of P&G products.

As an employee of P&G, you may become aware of product complaints, which include an adverse event or a product quality issue associated with a product.

  • An adverse event is any undesirable effect on an individual’s health and/or well-being associated with the use, misuse/overuse (intentional or not) or off-label use of a product, or accidental/occupational exposure, whether or not it is considered product related.

  • Should you become aware of an adverse event or product quality complaint, you must email within 48 hours of becoming aware.

As part of providing safe, quality products, we take appropriate measures to ensure the quality and safety of the products and services provided to us by our suppliers. For guidance, contact the experts in Global Safety Surveillance & Analysis (GSSA) or Quality Assurance (QA) for safety or quality related concerns of our products, respectively.