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Ensuring Fair
Employment Practices

Child and Forced Labor

P&G forbids the use of child labor, forced labor, compulsory labor, slavery, prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor or use corporal punishment or other forms of mental and physical coercion as a form of discipline in any of our global operations or facilities.

  • An individual of less than 15 years of age is considered a child.

  • If local law set a minimum age below 15 years of age, but is in accordance with the exceptions under International Labor Organization Convention 138, then the lower age will apply.

  • For hazardous work, an individual of less than 18 years of age is considered a child.

Wage and Hour Practices

P&G follows all applicable wage and hour laws, including minimum wage, overtime and maximum hour laws. You must never require an employee to violate these laws (e.g., require an employee to illegally work unpaid overtime).

Freedom of Association

P&G respects every employee’s right to choose to join or not to join a trade union, or to have recognized employee representation in accordance with applicable law. You must not violate these employee rights.

Ensuring Fair Employment Practices