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Responsible Sales and
Marketing Practices

Maintaining Accurate
Books and Records

Complying with
Competition Laws

with Competitors

With Customers

Preventing Money

Money laundering is an attempt by individuals or organizations to hide the proceeds of their crimes by making those proceeds look legitimate.

  • Money laundering is against the law and contrary to our PVPs.
  • Our approved payment and sales practices are designed to ensure P&G resources are not used to violate these laws.
  • They must be followed for all purchases of goods and services, and for all sales.

    You must be vigilant and exercise good judgment when dealing with unusual customer transactions, including requests to make payment to, or receive payment from a different company than the one P&G is buying from or selling to. You must only conduct business with customers that are willing to provide you with proper information so that P&G can determine whether the payments are appropriate.

    Without advance permission from appropriate Legal and Tax personnel, you must never:

This list is not exhaustive. For more information, please contact the Ethics & Compliance Office or review P&G’s Policy on Money Laundering Avoidance and Designated Entity Control Compliance at (under Internal Controls).

Money laundering is against the law and contrary to our PVPs.