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Responsible Sales and
Marketing Practices

Maintaining Accurate
Books and Records

Complying with
Competition Laws

with Competitors

With Customers

With Customers

Certain competition laws also govern your interactions with P&G customers, including both retailers and distributors. You must treat our customers equitably and never seek to provide any unfair advantage to one customer over another. P&G gives all competing customers within a given market equal opportunities to qualify for the same prices, terms of sale and trade promotions.

You must never:

Pressure or agree with a customer about resale prices of P&G products (pricing is always at the customer’s sole discretion)

Restrict how, to whom or where customers sell P&G products without the advance approval of Legal

Leverage P&G’s particularly strong position in certain markets to limit in-store competition, focusing instead on building P&G business on the merits of P&G products and brands