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Interacting with
the Government


As a corporate citizen, P&G often takes a position on issues of public policy that could impact our business. P&G also engages in efforts to affect legislation or government policy. However, regulations on P&G activities in this area vary around the globe. Therefore, only certain individuals within P&G may engage in lobbying efforts on P&G’s behalf.

You must not contact a government official in an attempt to influence legislation or government policy on behalf of P&G unless your efforts have been approved by appropriate Global Government Relations personnel.

The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (HLOGA) is a United States law that imposes criminal liabilities for violating U.S. Congressional gift rules, which are strict and complex.

  • All P&Gers everywhere in the world (whether or not engaged in lobbying) must comply with HLOGA.
  • Therefore, none of us may provide Members of the U.S. Congress or their staffs gifts of any value, including meals or products, without prior written approval from the Senior Vice President of Global Government Relations and the Ethics & Compliance Office.

    See also the “No Bribery” and “Gifts and Business Entertainment” sections.

    For more information, contact Global Government Relations & Public Policy, your local Government Relations manager or Legal.

Only certain individuals within our Company may engage in lobbying efforts on P&G’s behalf.

Political Involvement and Contributions

P&G recognizes your right to participate in the political process as an individual. However, you may only participate on your own time and at your own expense. You must not use P&G time, funds, facilities, communication tools, or assets for political purposes or contributions without express written permission from the Senior Vice President of Global Government Relations or the Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer.