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What is Expected of Me ?

We all have a responsibility to uphold our Purpose, Values, and Principles in our work and in the business decisions we make.

You are expected to do the right thing at all times:

Your actions need to be consistent with P&G’s PVPs and our goal of making the lives of the world’s consumers better each day.

You must not allow the needs of the business to justify doing something that violates the law or is inconsistent with P&G’s PVPs.

You must know and fully comply with the laws, regulations, and P&G policies that apply to your work, and therefore must, at a minimum, complete all Company training and certifications required for your role.

You must be alert to any situations or actions that may violate the law, our WBCM or P&G policies, and report them appropriately.

It is important to keep in mind that certain countries’ laws may apply even when you conduct business outside of those countries’ boundaries. Even when something might be a common practice in your location or within your cultural norms, you need to continue to apply and follow our WBCM. No one at any level of P&G has the authority to violate the WBCM or any law or regulation, or to require another employee to do so. If anyone attempts to do so, you must raise this by following the steps set out in “Where Can I Raise Questions and Concerns.”

We are all expected to follow the provisions outlined in this WBCM. Many provisions cannot be waived for any reason. In those extremely rare circumstances where you believe that a waiver of the WBCM is needed, you must request approval from the Ethics & Compliance Committee in advance of any action. Executive officers or members of the Board of Directors who believe that a waiver is necessary must request approval from the Board of Directors or an appropriate committee of the Board. If such a waiver is given, P&G will promptly disclose such waiver as required by law.

Individuals who fail to comply with our WBCM will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include discipline in line with applicable law, up to and including termination. In some circumstances, legal authorities may impose fines and criminal penalties on individual employees. P&G may not be able to reimburse or insure employees against these fines / penalties.

You must regularly communicate the importance of our WBCM, applicable laws, ethical conduct and policies to those who report to you.

You must also strive to create a positive work environment in which employees feel comfortable raising questions and concerns about possible violations of our WBCM or P&G policies and reporting any situations that need to be addressed. If you receive such concerns, you must promptly escalate them for proper review and investigation by contacting the Helpline or another manager the Ethics & Compliance Office, Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, or P&G Legal.

In addition, you must ensure employees who report a suspected violation of our WBCM, P&G policy or the law are protected from any form of retaliation for doing so. Clearly communicate to those who report to you P&G’s “no retaliation” policy. Take appropriate action if you believe there is the potential for any form of retaliation by contacting a Human Resources manager or the Ethics & Compliance Office.

Additional Expectations for Managers of Others

Additional Expectations for Managers of Others