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Dear P&Gers,

At P&G, Our Purpose, Values and Principles (PVPs) are the foundation of everything we do.

They are what make P&G special. Our Do the Right Thing culture is one of the reasons I’ve been excited to say for more than 35 years – in any country and on any business – that I work for P&G.

Our Purpose, Values and Principles set a high standard for each of us. High standards are good. They require that we hold each other and ourselves accountable not only for results, but – equally important – for how we achieve those results.

Doing the right thing, every time, gives consumers, customers, shareholders, external business partners, government and community leaders, and other stakeholders a reason to trust us, to believe we achieve our results in the right way and that we do not tolerate illegal or unethical dealings anywhere in the world. This trust provides us with real competitive advantage – an advantage that can be lost by a single illegal or unethical act. I know the business pressures we face are more intense and more complex than ever before. Even under these pressures, we must hold to our high standards of doing the right thing. We cannot afford to do anything that causes people to lose trust in P&G – our Company, our brands, our products or our people.

Our Worldwide Business Conduct Manual is the one document that describes our mandatory, consistent, global principles for doing the right thing. Please read it carefully, and take personal responsibility and accountability for following the behaviors and policies referenced in it.

If you have questions about business conduct, or if you have concerns about whether we are following the letter and the spirit of the law in any P&G business or operation, please talk with your manager, your Human Resources contact, your P&G Legal counsel, or the Company’s Ethics & Compliance Office, or contact me directly. You may also report any concerns through the Worldwide Business Conduct Helpline. We’re committed to creating a work environment that fosters open communication and supports employees in reporting their concerns about whether the Company is doing the right thing.

Thank you for following the Worldwide Business Conduct Manual everyday, and for doing the right thing, in principle and in practice, as we work together to win consumers with our leading brands and products.

Thank you for doing

the right thing,

every time.

David S. Taylor

President and Chief Executive Officer